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Computer Forensic Services moves beyond traditional electronic discovery services to provide clients with the most complete digital forensic analyses, litigation support, advisory and consultation to assist in any case.


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Practice Areas

The CFS Team has over 100 years of combined experience in forensic collection, analysis, and testimony in a wide range of large, public and private organizations. CFS has conducted ongoing forensic analysis for large, multi-national corporations, numerous governmental agencies, as a judicial court neutral in complex litigation, and as a trusted resource for corporate and private counsel.

Digital Forensics

A scientific process of capturing and analyzing electronically stored information, for the purposes of investigation and establishing narratives of digital activity.

Security Assessments

CFS is capable of conducting complete security assessment services. The security assessment includes, but is not limited to; policy review, technical vulnerability scanning, network architecture review, social engineering simulations, and penetration testing.


CFS specializes in the collection, preservation and analysis of digital evidence, stored in any format.

Law Enforcement Support

With digital evidence existing in nearly every criminal/civil case, we are committed to assisting and advising law enforcement or prosecuting attorneys in evidence collection, processing and analysis.


We pride ourselves on making complex, technical findings understandable to any audience, including judges and juries.


CFS regularly presents on various cybersecurity or forensic and evidence handling topics across the country for a wide variety of public and private sector organizations and groups, as well as educational institutions.

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Our Vision

CFS guides electronic discovery and investigative processes, providing legal teams, organizations, and individuals alike with sound advice, expanded sources of evidentiary information, and consultation. Our commitment to thorough, timely, and well-informed investigation ultimately makes the difference in court.

With the increasing number of data breaches and digital security-related incidents and their associated losses, CFS supports incident response capabilities. CFS analysts are trained in providing both reactive and proactive solutions that strengthen security postures in the long and short-term. Security assessment reports are presented in a detailed and readable format that allows organizations to establish security baselines and develop improved protocols.