The CFS team is led by Mark Lanterman, a former U.S. Secret Service Electronic Crimes Taskforce member and the current Chief Technology Officer of CFS.

CFS has extensive experience in working with state agencies. Most of CFS’ personnel are former state/federal law enforcement or from high-profile private entities. Therefore, CFS is well equipped to address the specific challenges associated with investigations that would be presented by a variety of clients. More specifically, CFS has a unique ability to relay complex technical findings in a manner that can easily be understood, both in-court and in written testimony. CFS prides itself on providing comprehensive findings at the conclusion of each matter, a procedure that has proven to be highly valued by our clients.

CFS has the capability to analyze other digital evidence repositories, such as cloud storage databases, digital video recorders, GPS devices, tablets and cell phones, as well as social media evidence (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

CFS is poised to manage not only the variety of cases but also the volume of cases that may be presented by our diverse clientele. CFS’ secure facilities house onsite data storage capacities of over two petabytes. The aforementioned Socha-Gelbmann survey has also previously identified CFS as ranking in the Top 5 nationally for processing and analysis capacity. This allows CFS to maintain and backup vast volumes of critical case data. Other vendors simply do not have the resources to manage hundreds of terabytes of data especially for extended periods of time, as required in many cases.

CFS itself stresses the value of education in its industry, providing over 2,000 hours of training per year to a variety of groups, including law firms, corporations, educational institutions, and law enforcement organizations.

CFS’ reputation has two important components worth mentioning. First, part of this reputation is its position of neutrality and accuracy. No matter the nature of the investigation, CFS allows the data to “speak for itself”. For this reason, CFS has been named the court appointed neutral in several state and federal proceedings. The Minnesota Supreme Court cited CFS’ comprehensive report submitted in the Minnesota Intoxilyzer source code litigation as a basis for its ruling on the matter. Second, CFS is known for its timely and efficient methods. This ensures our clients will always receive feedback as soon as possible, including atypical business hours. CFS understands that not all incidents, seizures and investigations occur between 9AM and 5PM, Monday through Friday and is always ready to assist our clients on their most critical needs any time of
day or night.

CFS respects the privacy of our clients, but is proud to note our clients come from all areas, to include:

  • Large and Small Educational Institutions
  • Corporations of all Sizes
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • County Attorney’s Offices
  • Individual clients and/or Law Firms
  • Healthcare Related Organizations
  • Financial Institutions

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